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A series on the damage police dogs inflict on Americans, published in collaboration with AL. This story was published in partnership with USA Today. And she was frightened by Talladega police. She ran past some houses, jumped a wire fence and hid in a knot of trees.

Racing off leash, a big police dog tracked her. Its handler, Officer Daniel Chesser, lifted it over the fence. It bounded into the thicket. Police body camera footage, made public here for the first time, shows White lying face down on the ground to surrender as the dog tore into her backside.

He tasted that blood. The attack in June was not the first nor the last in the one-year reign of Andor, a Belgian Malinois who bit people here for minor offenses, for running from police and sometimes for no crime at all. All but one of those mauled were Black. From the summer of to the summer ofAndor sent at least nine people to the hospital, brought the FBI to Talladega and prompted five Sexy ebony girls alabama from people he bit. His story, pieced together mostly from thousands of court Sexy ebony girls alabama and police videos, reveals what can go wrong when a small town employs a powerful animal to police petty crime.

Across the country and around the state, no government body regulates or tracks the use of police dogs, according to an investigation by AL. Because of its weak laws on public records, Alabama agencies reveal almost nothing to the public about cases in which police dogs bite people, even when an incident in severe injury or even death. The investigation found that police often use dogs on people suspected only of low-level infractions, and that the resulting injuries can be severe. Paul, Minnesota, have had to change their use of dogs after documented problems and public outcry.

Census Bureau estimates. When Andor ed the force, Police Chief Jason Busby told the local Rotary Club that the dog would be faster than humans at searching for drugs or chasing suspects, the local newspaper, The Daily Home, reported. The police chief declined to comment. The city manager and a lawyer for the city did not reply to months of calls for comment. The city did not respond to public records requests. Marco Williams, a year veteran, testified under oath that he heard Lt. Kelly, now the chief of police in nearby Glencoe, Alabama, told AL.

Williams, now retired, referred all calls to Talladega police, saying he did not want to participate in what could appear to be bashing the police. A ndor first appeared in the local newspaper on March 27, The article said the month-old dog and Chesser, his handler, were about to head to Indiana for six weeks of training. The police chief was quoted thanking local businesses and citizens whose donations helped make this possible. The dog came from Vohne Liche Kennels in Indiana, which imports many dogs from Europe, sells them to police agencies all over the country and trains them and their handlers to pursue suspects.

Chesser testified that he had some experience with drug- and bomb-sniffing dogs earlier in his career. He also had some issues with use of force. At his first job, in the Birmingham suburb of Calera, the city council publicly reprimanded him for using a stun gun on a year-old who honked at a female officer, according to a article in The Birmingham News. He said recently that the teen started fighting with him. The lawsuit was settled, though court filings contain no details of the agreement.

Chesser said recently that there was nothing out of the ordinary about the stop. Some experts say this makes dog-bite injuries more severe. Andor and Chesser began patrolling Talladega in May, according to The Daily Home, and identified narcotics in several cases. By August, Williams, the police sergeant, was raising concerns about Andor, who seemed out of control in at least one case he chased another dog rather than a suspect. And he was worried Chesser was siccing the dog on people without evidence that they were committing a serious crime.

Williams wrote a memo suggesting the department suspend K-9 deployments until Chesser could demonstrate control of Andor. After he raised concerns, Williams later testified, he was removed as supervisor of the K-9 team. According to city records, Williams then went to the human resources department to complain again about the improper use of the dog for minor misdemeanors.

Sexy ebony girls alabama

I believe three broken noses later. Or let me say bloodied noses. I never felt I was ever excessive. I met force with force. E ventually, Andor bit someone.

Sexy ebony girls alabama

On Nov. Crystal Houston, a year-old Black woman, pulled up in front of her house. She told officers she had wanted to stop where she felt safe.

Sexy ebony girls alabama

An officer opened the door, and Houston stood, hands up. Andor bit her arm. The dog pulled her to the ground. Houston was arrested on traffic violations and for resisting arrest. Several days later, police added a charge for driving under the influence; she pleaded guilty to that along with resisting arrest, according to court filings. She could not be reached for comment. A fter that bite, Capt. John McCoy also sounded the alarm about Andor.

McCoy testified that he told the police chief there was no justification for using the dog on Houston. In February ofAndor bit a fleeing burglary suspect. Again, Chesser could not get the dog to release. Some experts say bites should last only seconds. According to the local newspaperthe man was found with stolen beer, cigarettes and power-steering fluid. Court records show he still has an outstanding warrant for burglary.

Sexy ebony girls alabama

He ran into the woods and the dog pursued. Andor emerged bloodied. Police arrested Frank Andrews a Sexy ebony girls alabama days later for not living at his registered address and assaulting a police animal. He had bite marks on his leg and hand. He pleaded guilty to assaulting a police dog. I n April, Andor bit a Black teenager who ran away from juvenile court, where he was being charged for stealing car batteries, according to a local news report.

The year-old was handcuffed at the time, and had surrendered, but slipped and fell. In June, the dog attacked Ashley White, the woman who ran from the Pontiac. The bite lasted two minutes and four seconds, including a minute after she was in handcuffs. Andor was biting her on the buttocks area and I immediately ordered her to place her hands behind her back, and to not fight my dog, which she was doing until I arrived. I handcuffed her and due to the darkness, fumbling with my flashlight, trying to get my leash on Andor's collar and getting it under his neck properly, it took me several moments to get him to release.

Here, from the body camera footage, is the verbal exchange as he finds White in the woods, edited to reduce repetitions:. Jesus, Jesus, ahh, ahhh ahhhah! Please, please, please, please, please! She went to the hospital. The next day, doctors performed anal reconstructive surgery on her. She was not prosecuted. This bite prompted Williams to go to the FBI. And as he later explained under oath, Chesser lost control of his dog by putting it, alone and unleashed, over the fence.

White said the FBI interviewed her once, soon after the attack. The FBI referred questions to the U. Department of Justice. The U. Attorney's office in Birmingham said it had no comment. Chesser stopped a driver late on July 3 for a busted tag light. When the man pulled away from a pat-down, the officer tackled him; Andor bit the driver in the thigh while he was lying face down in a mini-mart parking lot with Chesser on top of him. The man, who needed stitches, was charged with marijuana possession and resisting arrest.

Crystal Houston, a year-old Black woman, was stopped for reckless driving.

Sexy ebony girls alabama

She was bitten on the arm while being handcuffed. Corey Davis, a year-old Black man, was suspected of burglary. He was bitten on the arm after he stopped running from police. Frank Andrews, a year-old White man, failed to register as a sex offender. He fled, stabbed Andor, was bitten on the hand and leg. A Black year-old who was suspected of burglary fled a courthouse in handcuffs. He surrendered but was bitten when he slipped and fell. Ashley White, a year-old Black woman, was a passenger in a speeding car.

Sexy ebony girls alabama

She was bitten on the buttocks after she jumped out of the car and hid. Percy Garrett, a year-old Black man, was stopped for a broken tag light.

Sexy ebony girls alabama

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