Seeking partner for Eatontown New Jersey adventures

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I am kindhearted, curious Artisitic and creative by nature Voiceover artist Business owner Love to get out in nature Couldn't be without a dog or a cat or two! They have always been my greatest teachers! Still love going to see a movie on the big screen You won't find me at a jarring, over the top, shoot 'em up I'm more about things that are uplifting these days I prefer movies that showcase the triumph of the human spirit As for my music Lynard Skynard John Prine The Ozark Mountain Daredevils!!

How could anyone argue that a song called "Chicken Train" wasn't cosimically inspired?! Looking to shake things up a bit in my life I am by no means a thrill seeker That kind of thing I don't engage in gossip I believe in taking responsibility for my own actions Too much Blame-Game going on in the world! People need to own it I value and respect privacy And I try to stay as far away from Facebook.

For varied reasons. I don't fight it I just try to tiptoe around it a bit! I guess I definately march to the beat of a diffrent drum Living in EatontownNew-Jersey Vegetarian diet. I am a very laid back down to earth individual. The Seeking partner for Eatontown New Jersey adventures of action through out my life has made me the person I am today.

I enjoy being active and believe in a balanced lifestyle. I exercise regularly and eat healthy. I believe the body is our temple and we should treat it as such. My preference would be to meet someone who has the same interests and values as I do. Someone who is sinceremature, down to earth and easy going. Dave is a 53 year old, spiritual male. Living in NutleyNew-Jersey Vegetarian diet. I live in a beautiful area. Enjoy the outdoors. I'm compassionate and passionate. Been veggie my whole adult life. Respect life in all forms. Open to many possibilities. I'm a wildland firefighter, massage therapist, and student.

The first pic is of me rescuing two baby harp seal pups in the Arctic. Because of high levels of radioactivity from secret nuclear weapons testing which I was also able to peaceably stop while there the pups mutated and grew legs. They need special care and a loving home, will you help me??

Sara is a 34 year old, spiritual bi-female. Living in MontclairNew-Jersey Vegan diet. Living in GilletteNew-Jersey Vegan diet. Consensual non monogamous, pansexual, vegan! I date all genders, for me attraction and passion have nothing to do with body parts. Identify as pansexual or queer. Have been known to corrupt people with my optimism! Sensitive to my partner's moods, want to know you in depth. Fit thanks to a vegan diet, tae kwon do, jogging and yoga.

Play in band with friends sing, guitar, bass. Love to read. Cherish quiet.

Seeking partner for Eatontown New Jersey adventures

Very good at not giving a fuck and trying crazy shit that most people would be scared to try. More than one partner has told me that they have never met someone who enjoys sex as much as me! I don't know what to make of that. I guess it means you can expect a very enthusiastic partner?

Alex is a 42 year old, Atheist male. Living in TeaneckNew-Jersey Vegan diet. Okay, the bad news is I have psoriasis, a skin disorder that isn't contagious at all but isn't that appealing either.

Seeking partner for Eatontown New Jersey adventures

If you talk to me, please mention this so I know you're aware of it, because it's hard for me to discuss. I'm a pretty chill guy as well as socially awkward and would rather stay in and goof around or have a meaningful discussion than go to a party.

Seeking partner for Eatontown New Jersey adventures

But I'd rather go to a party than have my spleen removed. I'm a movie fanatic and watch a lot of action, horror, comedy, and horror-comedy movies. I write when inspiration's open palm smacks me across the face and compels me to create. For the past decade I've been writing screenplays and just finished my latest recently. If it's been your dream to listen to some dude with more DVDs than Netflix talk endlessly about how amazing his screenplays are while Dag Nasty pumps in the background, park a squat, son.

Vegetarian sincevegan since I work in the technology field but my passion is in my artistic endeavors. I put forth effort and consider myself a very productive person. I also strongly believe in balance. I try to be positive as hard as it seems in the environment we find ourselves.

I am active and stay fit and healthy. I enjoy yoga. My favorite thing to do is make people laugh. I also enjoy the act of laughing quite a bit myself. Even if you beg. I enjoy spending time with friends but sometimes a comfortable couch and some binge watching is the right thing at the end of a long week. I live in a small house on a quiet street with a vegetable and flower garden in the back and lots of books inside.

Seeking partner for Eatontown New Jersey adventures

email: [email protected] - phone:(713) 112-9663 x 4979

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