Ladys of Madison and beyond

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The authors do not work for, consult, own shares in or receive funding from any company or organisation that would benefit from this article, and have disclosed no relevant affiliations beyond their academic appointment. It has five womenincluding the first female treasury secretary, Janet Yellenand Deb Haaland, who will become the first Native American Cabinet member if confirmed as interior secretary.

Ladys of Madison and beyond

Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg is the first openly gay man to win Senate confirmation and lead a Cabinet department. They also span generations, ranging in age from 39 to People like you can make it to the top.

Ladys of Madison and beyond

Our work on gender inclusion and Cabinet picks suggests that when world leaders — particularly those in powerful countries — appoint more gender-balanced Cabinets, other world leaders may become more likely to name women for key posts. Generally speaking, he of government select their Cabinet members for their expertise and to shore up support among domestic constituencies, not to gain international celebration. But even controlling for domestic factors, world leaders who broadcast the idea that gender equality matters can affect the decision-making of other leaders.

For example, in OctoberEthiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed made international headlines by presenting a gender-balanced Cabinet. Shared membership in international organizations with strong gender equality standards, like the European Union, also seems to increase the importance leaders attach to gender.

Our analysis finds that if a country belongs to two international organizations in which 50 other members have above-average percentages of women ministers, its own percentage of women ministers rises by 1 percentage point.

Ladys of Madison and beyond

The same is true of countries that belong to four international organizations in which 25 other members have more female ministers than most. Getting more women into government leadership has merits beyond the obvious value of gender equality. Our research on ambassadors suggests that world leaders will also pay attention to the envoys that Biden sends abroad. Countries that commit to gender equality appoint more women ambassadors.

The converse also seems to be true: Countries that prioritize gender equality receive more female ambassadors. Among the governments that send ambassadors to both China and Sweden, 44 dispatch a woman to Stockholm — but only 12 dispatch a woman to Beijing.

The 37 countries that the World Bank classifies as particularly deep in debt — a group that includes countries like Ethiopia and Bolivia — dispatch four times more women to Washington than they do to Beijing. In the longer term, continued American commitment to gender balance could strengthen equality and peace worldwide. Be Curious — Leeds, Leeds. Edition: Available editions United Kingdom. Joe Biden has more top advisers who are women than any other U.

Ladys of Madison and beyond Ladys of Madison and beyond

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