Going to a friend s concert would like a date

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Going to a friend s concert would like a date

Watch Full Episode. Ricky Peterson -- where are you? Mick Fleetwood, please! Billy Gibbons! Going to a friend s concert would like a date Mayall! Thank you! This is, uh, while the l are setting up the stage, uh, take a couple of seconds to reflect on, uh, what this whole thing is truly all about. We were a bunch of young kids with a dream, and it was in the '60s, and London was buzzing, there seemed to be a sort of freedom of music and art, they were exploding all over London, all over England, yes, indeed.

When I started working on this show, I just wanted to find a way to celebrate Peter's legacy and to honor the early years of Fleetwood Mac. What an honor it is to celebrate Peter and those early years of Fleetwood Mac with such a group of iconic musicians on stage tonight, so, thank you so very much.

Steven Tyler! Visit PBS. After a series of hits in Britain Jeremy Spencer quit inand bythree more guitarists had been through the rotation. Then global success came with a new line up You can go your own way, go your own way Fronted by guitarist Lindsay Buckingham, and the ethereal Stevie Nicks, Fleetwood Mac was reborn, on the way to becoming a world famous pop rock sensation And now is your chance to keep the legacy of phenomenal music performances alive on your PBS station, by going online right now and making a donation.

Where else but PBS, could you find fabled musicians coming together to celebrate one of their own in a top-notch concert performance One of the four original members of Fleetwood Mac, Jeremy Spencer! With music legends paying tribute to Peter Green and the blues Ricky Peterson! You are rockin' out right now thanks to a network of PBS members who recognize the importance of music and made a donation. Doesn't have to be much, whatever you can afford, every little bit makes a big difference when it adds up.

Are you ready to keep concerts like this available for you, your family, and your friends to enjoy? More than 50 years after the band first formed, the music that started them off is as hard-hitting and satisfying as ever This concert preserves past greats, and builds a strong foundation for musicians of today and tomorrow We were a bunch of young kids with a dream. Go to pbs. We are going to Peter Townshend! It's even sadder for me, because the song that I picked tonight has got nothing to do with him at all. It's from the 'Kiln House' album, it's 'Station Man,' which I want to just quickly show you something.

I'd like you to welcome a dear, dear friend, and a current member, a member of Fleetwood Mac, to sing, for me, a very, very special song. The first time ever performed on stage and played masterfully by Pink Floyd's David Gilmour on the guitar. What a difference there is in composition and performance between Oh Well Part 1 and Part 2.

Yeah, I gotta say one of the - one of the reasons I'm up here is because I started off, I learned from the best, tonight we are definitely celebrating the best The Reverend from ZZ Top couldn't have said it better. Celebrate the best in music and entertainment by visiting PBS. And with a qualifying donation, you can take advantage of PBS Passport, a terrific member benefit that let's you stream an incredible collection of performances whenever and wherever you want. I want to just quickly show you something Use Passport to find inspiration, and to discover new arts and music shows from Austin City Limits, Great Performances, and more.

Plus, your donation helps make possible all the shows you and your family love on your PBS station. Thank you very much everyone, enjoy the rest of the evening, you're in for a blast! Inafter a long, long night, I was driving, I put the radio on, and I heard the Beatles -- they were talking about a beautiful song called 'Sun King. I didn't really register, apart from my eyes split open, and they said quietly, either George or John, said, 'This is where we do our And -- and that -- [ Cheers and applause ] That -- that woke the hell out of me, to know that, uh, this, uh, floating, lovely song had inspired just a little bit of -- of something so precious as the band who was talking on the radio.

This next beautiful song, 'Albatross,' written by Peter, uh, I would like to dedicate not only to Peter Green, but to George Harrison, and it happens to be his birthday today. David Gilmour! Bill Wyman! He was one of the four original members of Fleetwood Mac, so, please welcome Mr. Jeremy Spencer. O0 C1 A long time coming indeed And now inthey come together for this tribute to fellow Fleetwood Mac founder, Peter Green.

Don't wait that long to your friends and neighbors in supporting amazing music on PBS. Go online to pbs. Talkin' to my baby on the telephone, she said stop what you're doin' and come on home! From legendary musicians like the Rolling Stone's Bill Wyman to legends-in-the-making like Johnny Lang, this concert showcases exceptional musical talent.

Don't you come creepin' around, making me do things I don't want to do Although Peter Green's Green Manalishi is about the evils of money, Peter knew the Going to a friend s concert would like a date of supporting causes he believed in, giving away most of his fortune to various charities. I can't believe you need my love so bad We're not asking for that much from you, all we ask is for you to make a donation, whatever you can afford, to your PBS station at PBS. When Mick Fleetwood originally asked Pink Floyd's David Gilmour to participate, David got cold feet and passed because he wasn't sure he could do justice to Peter Green's work We're all better for the experience he gave us because of his willingness to step up and try something new.

Now is your chance to step up and support the breathtaking musical performances, like this concert honoring Peter Green, that you find here on PBS. S48 Ep About the Episode. Songs performed:. Closed Captions. I just wanted to find a way to celebrate Peter's legacy. On bass, Mr. David Bronze, the man! Rick Vito. Welcome, Mr. Jonny Lang on guitar and vocals. And the splendid, spiffily dressed tonight, Mr. Andy Fairweather-Low.

Going to a friend s concert would like a date

Rick Vito! He is the doctor with the right medicine. Thank you very much, indeed! And we were all sharing ideas, and going to each other's gigs. Neil Finn, Mr. The one and only Miss Christine McVie! To our mentor, Mr. Noel Gallagher! Dave Bronze! Jonny Lang! The incredible Zak Starkey! Pete Townshend!

Going to a friend s concert would like a date

Kirk Hammett! Andy Fairweather Low! them and put some money in the proverbial hat at the website below. Are you ready? Are you ready Mick? Oh yeah! Then go online now and make a contribution. And it was in the sixties and London was buzzing. There seemed to be a freedom of music and art, and we were all sharing ideas! Thank you, Mick, for the great privilege. Enjoy the rest of the evening, you're in for a blast.

For me, Peter is still something of a sad story. Hard to beat this song for me. Make welcome Mr. Neil Finn! Thank you, Mick, for inviting me tonight. Thank you, Mick Fleetwood, and thanks for the early years of Fleetwood Mac. That was him. O0 C1 Oh Well Part 2. Let's hear it for the band! Come on! Passport gives you a Crowded House of fantastic programs. Last time I shared the stage with this dear friend of mine was 50 -- 50 years ago. Jeremy Spencer! Let's hear it!

Going to a friend s concert would like a date

Been a long time coming. And it wouldn't be possible without your support. Mick Fleetwood! Subscribe to the Great Performances Newsletter.

Going to a friend s concert would like a date

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