Dinner drink date tonight

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So far, so good. This is not the time to drop and break your phone while nervously searching around for nearby spots. Here are our favorite One-Two Punches - bars and restaurants within a few blocks of each other that work perfectly as part of the same itinerary. Good luck out there, and have an extra molten chocolate cake for us.

Mix and match French small plates, cheeses, and oysters for an overall great time, or split a burger.

Dinner drink date tonight

Just be sure to get the fries no matter what. Anything you get here will be good, not to mention creatively presented, possibly even in a lighbulb or a soup can. Sit as close to the printed palm wallpaper as possible, and try a passionfruit bourbon sour to really get in the mood.

Dinner drink date tonight

Then, share delicious Vietnamese fusion dishes, like crispy duck fresh rolls and bun cha with homemade grilled sausage. Always finish with the Vietnamese coffee creamsicle. The space feels like somewhere double agents might meet for a rendezvous in an over-the-top spy movie, and the cocktails are excellent get the expat punch. The long list of classic and not-classic cocktails here is excellent, but feel free to put your faith in the bartender to mix you something based on your personal liquor preferences.

Pair interesting, hard-to-find beers with bar food like crispy old bay chickpeas, radishes with parmesan dip, and seafood rolls on pretzel buns with homemade potato chips. Italian food is always a solid bet for a date, and San Fermo is probably the most romantic place to get it. If they have amatriciana on the menu when you go, get it. Well, this is off to a great start. Keep it on the safe side with Black Bottle.

If you want to start drinking early, try the excellent Old Fashioneds and guava palomas. Belltown is like a bar emporium, so it can be tough to choose where to go for a nightcap - but Wakefield is a spot we recommend going out of your way for. And a bit of fresh air builds character, after all. Well done. You deserve some bibimbap and bulgogi sliders. It feels kind of like a mix between a speakeasy and a castle, with its low lighting, velvet booths, and regal-looking portraits of people like Bill Gates and Kelsey Grammer in the lobby. The blackberry-cinnamon gin cocktails are our favorites, but the other cocktails are great, too.

You can get a serious ribeye here along with some potatoes dauphinoiseor you can keep things casual and split the Happy Hour burger or some lamb tartare at the bar with a dirty martini - equally delicious options, in our book. Go to The Yard instead, and opt for an interesting beer or hard cider. All s point to for dinner.

This place which is actually located in an Amazon office building has an impressive menu of South American fusion food, like manchego mac and cheese with duck fat croutons, and salmon with fregola and salsa verde. Split a punch bowl for two while discussing what to watch Dinner drink date tonight on Amazon Prime.

Dinner drink date tonight

Neither is ordering a cheese plate. If you tend to get bored of the same old mixed drinks, you need to try Sun Liquor. Home Cities Pick the perfect spot for every situation. Travel Guides Plan your trip and eat like locals. Send Us Feedback. Add a short message. SEA Guide. Written by Aimee Rizzo. French in Capitol Hill. Bar Food in Capitol Hill.

VietnameseFusion in Capitol Hill. AmericanBar Food in Fremont.

Dinner drink date tonight

AmericanBar Food in Belltown. Bar Food in Belltown. Italian in Ballard. AmericanSouthern in Ballard. Fusion in Belltown. Darryl Eng. Bar FoodSeafood in Ballard. AmericanSeafood in Ballard. Mexican in Capitol Hill. Bar FoodPizza in Capitol Hill. AmericanSeafood in Belltown. Laure Joliet. FlintCreek Cattle Co. AmericanSteaks in Greenwood. LatinMexican in Greenwood. American in Belltown. FrenchWine Bar in Downtown. American in Capitol Hill. Bar in Capitol Hill.

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Dinner drink date tonight

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