24 m wants someone to gag and swallow in the hour

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No one told me morning sickness would be like this. Or maybe not enough women share how it really is. My intention with this post is not to scare anyone. Many women sail through the first trimester.

24 m wants someone to gag and swallow in the hour

Some have a few bad mornings, some a couple of bad weeks. But for some of us the first trimester and onwards is a hour challenge where we sleep, vomit, cry, sleep, vomit and repeat. Because many of us suffer in silence during those anxious first weeks. We spend our days simultaneously wishing for the little one to be fine and praying this torture will end. I wanted to share how I struggled with morning sickness so others know they are not alone. I wrote this post in at 15 weeks pregnant when I was just starting to feel more normal. By 17 weeks I felt well enough to fly to a conference in Vegas.

All your comments and support for each other on this post have been amazing. I hope the morning sickness passes for you as quickly as it did for me. For me, morning sickness begun in week 6 with a little nausea in the morning. Great, I thought confidently, I can handle this. Then came the vomiting in week 7, the hr sickness in week 8 and eventually a non-stop yuckiness that lasted well into week I barely left the house for 7 weeks. I had to cancel work, social plans and a trip to Bali as most days I was too flat or nauseous to move further than the sofa.

If this all sounds a little dramatic let me share with you the one photo I have from this period. It was taken on the day of the latest royal wedding when — almost 8 weeks pregnant — I tried to ambitiously conquer the dual tasks of washing my hair and changing the bed sheets.

Just for Meghan and Harry! At 3pm I managed 1 out of 2 things. I remained in this position for a further 2 hours. Weeks 7 to 9 of the pregnancy is when morning sickness was the worst for me. During these weeks, I was lucky if I could swallow a rice cracker by 7pm and wash myself by 10pm.

I spent a lot of that time staring at a blank wall or sleeping as this was the only relief. Looking at a screen gave me motion sickness, climbing the stairs made me retch, and watching the TV was fraught with issues such as adverts for KFC that had me spewing into the sink.

The same advert got me twice in 1 week! Just walking around the aisles though was a precarious mission, often involving dry retching and not always ending with me coming home with shopping.

24 m wants someone to gag and swallow in the hour

One particularly memorable morning I dragged myself to a nearby Kmart for some maternity leggings and ended up bent over a drain on the high street dry heaving as people dodged around me. I stayed crouched in a back street eating dry crackers for what felt like ages and then eventually began the nauseous journey home empty-handed.

I think I spent so long in it puking that the once comforting smell of our home now brings on a bout of nausea. He declined, quite fairly, but we slept facing opposite directions as the lingering odour made me heave. In all fairness, Justin has kindly stepped up in all sorts of ways, even when I made it less than easy.

How romantic.

24 m wants someone to gag and swallow in the hour

Suddenly, I wanted beans on toast, ham and cheese toasties and egg mayo sandwiches — but only how my mum makes them — hence the aforementioned sobbing. I would have ordered them had it not occurred to me I risk puking it all up and putting my favourite foods on the aversion list.

24 m wants someone to gag and swallow in the hour

I think most husbands accept that they may have to make late night dashes for pregnant wives wanting ice-cream. I wanted my poor partner to fly to the other side of the world and buy everything I ate between and ! I did become quite dehydrated during the worst of it but managed to keep just enough liquids down in order to not need medical intervention.

So I took them sparingly.

24 m wants someone to gag and swallow in the hour

Most days I just tried to grit my teeth and not have my husband divorce me. Yesterday was an 8 so there is improvement. Eating is still a struggle but not eating makes things uglier. That, my friends, is pure progress. Every woman is different but I promise you I tried everything I read and still I remained vomiting sloth monster. Time really is the best medicine and, as each day I get a little less exhausted and the retching is a little less frequent, I see remnants of the old me and feel more positive about the whole thing.

Spoiler: He WAS totally worth it. Even though the sickness sucked! I Know It Could Be Worse I hope my whining does not offend those who would kill to be in this position — my intention is certainly not to hurt anyone by sharing my experience. I understand and acknowledge that as someone who has not suffered serious complications that I am one of the lucky ones in the grand scheme of things.

I also want to salute, as I did in my last postall the women who suffer from severe morning sickness known as hyperemesis gravidarum HG. I cannot imagine what a mammoth feat getting through 9 months of sickness must be for these women. I hope they are getting the support and care they need.

If you are or have been suffering from non-stop morning sickness lets wallow with each other and celebrate the moment when it eases. And this post by Not Another Mummy Blogwhich gave me the courage to share my experience. I'm a freelance blogger and writer who loves boutique hotels, brunching and shopping. Further Reading I suffered HG for both of my pregnancies for the full 9 months. Pregnancy sucks but I love my girls. I asked my husband if we could have a third the other week and he looked at me the other day and so are you stupid.

Oh Bree! I saw this beautiful photo on facebook the other day of a husband beaming at his wife after the birth of their son and him explaining that it had been 9 months since he saw his wife smile and that was what made the moment so special. Going through the same. I have the craziest aversions, but the worst one right now is the smell of the house my bedroom being the smelliestto the point where I want to leave, but where would I go?

Loved this! So sorry you are going through this! Hahaha I am super sensitive to everything from my slippers to the sink so I completely understand how you feel. Hope this super power wears off soon! Hi Julie, I know how you feel.

24 m wants someone to gag and swallow in the hour

I have severe morning sickness at the moment too. Everything is a complete struggle. I miss myself!! Hope you wake up one day soon and discover the old you x. I hope it eases for everyone on here soon. Today going outside made me throw up. All i could smell was dog poo everywhere, i couldnt see it but i could smell it!!

I was heaving in the gutters. Lucky i bought a water bottle. I have put all hubbies shoes in a box and sealed them. No onion is to be chopped in the house. I am living off hot chips, and dry crackers. Morning sickness struck at 5wks. My first pregnancy i could move off the couch, i couldnt go into my favourite grocery store at it would trigger me.

I remember at 19weeks along coming home from my first day back at work and eating a delicious chicken soup. Only to throw it all back up in the sink. It does — the minute the baby comes out haha. In all honesty I felt much better by week 17 but not entirely quease-free until I gave birth. Thank you so much for writing this. I have a couple of good days followed by a couple of bad days but the bad days are getting worse every time. Hello, It was nice to read your experience and the replies from all the women that are or have been through this. The good part is that since last week the vomiting is now coming every 2 days.

Hopefully, this will eventually go, although I have been preparing mentally for having to endure this for the next 9 months. For me the worst part is that the nausea often comes with involuntary peeing. And that means that I had accidents in public bathrooms that I had to manage somehow and, gladly, have a husband that helps me through and takes me quickly back home to change. I completely understand the feeling of wanting this to end.

Nothing works for stopping it. I had Izofran, but my gynecologist told me that I should only have it on the worst days, which meant more than 3 times vomiting. It worked, but it is not something you could take every day.

24 m wants someone to gag and swallow in the hour

My husband and I wanted this baby for a long time. We even had to do an in vitro treatment for our baby to happen, so we are really happy.

24 m wants someone to gag and swallow in the hour

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